Thursday, July 26, 2012


I'm not having the best day today... I kept having nightmares all night and some of them were just so real. I hate when I get those crazy, vivid dreams. Seeing someones face so clearly that it feels like they're actually there. I don't know which one is worse.. Having the dream or waking up realizing that the people in it aren't there.

Today I'm going to my friends new apartment! We're making pizza and maybe going to DBTL afterwards.... I'm excited about hanging out with my basketball friends. Sometimes it's hard juggling between my friends at school and my teammates, but I do love them all!

Most importantly today's someone special's birthdaaaaaay! Finally turning 18 and becoming an adult (good luck with that one, I still feel like a kid).

Katarina is one of my oldest friends. She's been there for me at school and at basketball. She's shy at first, but when she opens up to you, she's one of the craziest persons I know! She's beautiful and smart and she hasn't worked out in a year and still looks like a supermodel!!!! Man, I want those long legs of hers. Please? Haha, she's always ready to help me and I know I can trust her with anything.
I love you and I hope your birthday is amazing! I know you have to work today, but on Saturday we'll make it one you'll never forget! :) 

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