Monday, August 27, 2012

Cruisin' down the coast

Started the day by driving about 30min from town to practice driving on a slippery road. It was so much fun! I had to make the car spin around and it was exciting, probably because the situation wasn't real.

School's school. Boring and what not. I had my English hearing comprehension and it went way better.  Not good enough for me though... Oh well, practice makes perfect.
And I just found out that our team was ranked the 8th best in Finland which means that our chances of making it to the Finnish National league in A-girls (meaning girls born from 96-94, or younger) are good.

The sad thing is that I have to say goodbye to summertime... already :( why was I born into a country where I can only tan 3 months in a year..... SAD DAY! I'm gonna get pale... I don't do pale.

An old picture from last year with Hailey. When I didn't have to worry about snow.

P.S. Wishing all of my American friends a great first day of school! And my friend Ida a happy, happy birthday! (hope it sucks, jk!)

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