Tuesday, August 28, 2012

When you're happy like a fool, let it take over

Like at the moment, when I'm just jumping up and down about the box that arrived from TX today! Thank you so much Mom!!! And Al & Lace for y'alls letters! You know me too well. I'm just so happy! It made me miss you even more because I'm not able to hug you and thank you for everything, but I'll do it here! Where all of my readers can witness how much I appreciate you and everything! I'm the luckiest girl to have the two best mothers in the world. Haha!

 How I miss Allie's sense of humor ;) 

 I'M IN LOVE!!! 
DOUBLE/TRIPLE LOVE! My hair smells so good right now :)


My friend is the most amazing singer! Just wanted to share this video with y'all! You can read her blog by clicking on -> Jasmin

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Fanni Katariina said...

Sulla on tosi mielenkiintosen ja ihanan tuntunen blogi! Liityn lukijaksi ehdottomasti :)

xoxo fannikatariina93.blogspot.fi