Monday, October 29, 2012

Angry birds

Haha, everyone (me included) were really tense in school today. I think it was mostly about the whole voting issue. Yesterday (and the days before) was the voting for the municipal election. I voted and I agree with the fact that it is important to vote, if you have the opportunity, but I can't stand people who judge others on whether or not they voted. I think it would be stupid if people who didn't care about politics would go and vote randomly on someone, just because it's your "duty" as 18 and over. Do what you want to do, but you should vote.

Anyways, Saturday was so much fun! I haven't seen Daniela in forever and I'm so happy I got to celebrate her becoming an adult! The party was so much fun, and it's been such a long time since the last time I went dancing. I lost all my friends though and ended up with Jonna, Tiia and Marianne at the Monkey, while all the other ones were at Amarillo. Haha
Happy birthday, I hope it was everything you wished it would be! xoxo

The beautiful birthday-girl! 

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