Monday, November 12, 2012


Of my healthy eating habits I mean. As I'm writing this I'm eating a carrot. Yay for me! Oh, and my friend Hilde was asking what to do if you have a girl's night and all of them are eating the good stuff you can't have. Well what I'm gonna do is to just buy my own. Cut carrots and cucumber and some cauliflower and dip it in some kind of dip. Better than chips and candy! And if that's too hard for you, you could try to persuade your friends into eating healthy with you that night??

I'm so super busy that my head's about to explode because I have too much to think about. Our musical is tomorrow (I did tell y'all about that right??) and I have to write this psychology paper tonight.

And I wanted to say that yesterday was father's day and I wanted to wish my dad(the best dad) a happy father's day, but I didn't have time to post anything yesterday so I'll just do it today! My dad is a great dad! He helps me with math, even when I get angry at him, he comes to almost all of my games and always cheers for me. He might get mad and yell at me, but I do it too. Happy late father's day you handsome devil, I love you!

Oh, I told you about how I wasn't able to donate blood because of my tumor...Well I have to wait for 5years to know if it has escalated or not. Honestly speaking I'm so pissed!!

I probably won't post anything tonight since I'll be busy doing homework. Now I gotta run to practice!

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Hilde Kristin said...

Yay Anna!! Great idea, maybe I'll go for it someday :)

Love on yahhh <3