Thursday, November 8, 2012

Overdramatic, late night life decisions.

Just came home from the game. We won by a lot! ]
I played like crap, but I felt really sick and puked in the third quarter, yay for me. (not) Now I'm full of energy and not tired at all.

Btw, I've been saying every day that I'm starting a "no sweets or any included in that category before Christmas", and every time someone offers me a piece of chocolate or some chips I eat it. That's why I've decided to write it here, SO THAT I will not fail. What? It's like less then a month to Christmas. It shouldn't be too hard!!
Sooooooo, beginning of next week, Me, Anna-Lotta will not:

  • eat candy or chocolate
  • chips or pizza or hamburgers
  • try to eat healthy and in small portions
  • go for a run at least 2x a week 
  • do an ab workout EVERY NIGHT (pretty sure I'm already backing out) 
  • eat my vitamins to stay cheery (lmao) 
Maybe I'll succeed? Who knows!! OH, and the only exception is the chocolate calendar!! I mean I can't miss out on that. So it's going to be one bite of chocolate every day in December. Haha! I can cheat a little?? Right? 

 P.S. I'm tired, I have a pounding headache from getting elbowed in the temple... I'll probably read this tomorrow thinking, what the heck I just promised to do. So good luck to me, and I know that everyone who knows me know that I talk too much. Good night!


Fanni Katariina said...

Hahaha, I should totally make the same promise! Hmmm... Maybe starting from next Monday :D

Hilde Kristin said...

I say this every sunday, and back out on monday... I suck. But you kind of motivated me, so maybe i can do it!! What about girls night when we're watching movies and eating candy? Should I just eat carrots?

Miss you Anna!
Luuuuv, Hilde <3

Ansku said...

Y'all should definitely at least try! Let me know how it's going to keep me motivated as well!! ;)

Miss and love you too Hilde!