Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Round 2,3 and 4

Just took a shower, and I should probably be getting ready for school, but I'm liking this being on the computer thing so much more. Oops! Seriously, if only I could sleep like one more hour each morning I would feel so much better! I swear... Today is going to be busy. I need to go to my eye doctor to get those contacts ordered since none of them can answer their friggin phone! And I'll have to attend a parent meeting at the school because of my final exam in English coming up in March. Eww.
I'm also going to gave to start studying for the test week tonight..... So no sleep for me before Christmas I believe....... Oh, and I also need to go and by a birthday present for Johanna that's turning 18 this Friday! Whoop whoop

I'm treating y'all with this (beautiful) picture of me in the morning......? P.S I look like a little boy.