Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Trying to focus

Hey! Just stopped by for a quick post. I've got 2 things to tell y'all.

  1.  Twilight sucked. I mean seriously???? Renesmee was such a disappointment. And the whole plot was just lacking during the entire movie. I mean I had high hopes since it is my favorite book of them all, but still??? Ok,  I give them credit for having two of my favorite parts from the book. And the ending was pretty surprising, if I hadn't known about it from before (and I was still chocked). P.S. When did Robert Pattinson get hot?? Still didn't beat Kellan Lutz. 
  2. Math test tomorrow..... It's all about the numbers and x's for me today and tomorrow. Wish me luck! 

 Uhmmmm!!! I got a huge problem... I'm almost all out of storage space for my pictures on my picasa album thingy... What am I gonna do??? If anyone has any idea how I'm going to be able to use my space or pictures with some other way, please comment below!! Oh, and I don't want to pay for more storage.


Jassiii said...

De kommer ti mig också allti att min tila ha loppunu, men ja ha gjort ti fb ett album som ja bara kan se. Dit laddar ja sen bilder o sen kopioi ja domes url-osoite o sätter ti bloggen.... men oftast så tar de ba några dagar o sen kan man ladda bilder normalt :)

Jessica said...

Ja vet int rikit hu d dä picasa juttun funkar fö ja ha int d men mitt bildminne to slut på bloggen här nångång o ja gjorde en helt ny email, sen i din blogg den accounten så finns d sådär att vill du ändra ägare o då satt ja den nya emailen dit o poisti den gamla, så ja loggar in nu allti på d dä nya emaile, fatta du alls? XD o sen dess ha ja int haft problem :)