Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ma Chérie

I've been job-hunting all day!! Writing Cv's and sending it to all kind of places. Last day of Christmas food, I love it, but to be honest I'm kinda tired of it. Lol! Sorry dad.

Now I'm about to take my probably 5000pounds heavier butt to the gym and run until I die. Figuratively speaking of course. I mean tomorrow we'll leave for Stockholm with the girls and I need to be ready to shop 'til you drop. Things I would LOVE to find.......

  1. A black handbag where I can fit all my school crap
  2. A new pair of jeans
  3. Comfortable pair of ankle boots with a heal to go clubbing with
That's three items, oh and maybe a dress for New Year's or my birthday! 

Love the dress, even though I'd prefer one with two sleeves... but something like that

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