Saturday, January 26, 2013

Go hard today, can't worry 'bout the past 'cause that was yesterday

I had the best day today! We won our game even though it was a struggle in the beginning. Proud of my ladies! After the game I went to watch my first handball (I guess that's what it is in English) game. I hardly understood anything, but I did see my friend score a goal.... Go Julle! It's so weird how different sports they are. I felt super dumb watching it because everything they did was a foul in my head.
After the game I went to Jessi's to try on one of her dresses and it was perfect!! Can't wait to wear it next week.
Now I'm just hanging out at home all by myself, Psycho's on, but I'm not really feeling that old-school horror movie crap. Oh, the movie we watched last night with Elli was called The House at the end of the Street it was mostly annoying. I just hate horror movies because I can't understand how stupidly they act. Why would you run upstairs and why do you always have to go to the creepy basement and open some creepy door???? Lol.
Tomorrow I have a lot of studying to do, so I'll be hanging out at the library all day. Super boring, I know!
Hope y'alls day was as good as mine. BIG LOVE

Haha, Elli braided my hair! I'm so cool.... 

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