Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

2013..... Time really does fly. The only promise I'm making is to be able to do at least one proper pull-up and some other things that I'm not going to share. Anyways 2012 was one of the best years of my life and I wanted to make this timeline thing of my year.

I started my year off in Texas, my home number 2. I had a weird New Year's eve hanging out at a bonfire drinking some weird hot chocolate.  Had a birthday party for Danielle and had a photo-shoot with Timry. 

February started off with me traveling to Hawaii for my birthday. Best trip ever! I met some amazing people all around the world and found some friends I hope to keep forever.

I came home happy & tanned and had to start running my butt off at practice because it was playoff time! Loved every minute of it. Too bad we only became Area Champs. We were the dream team. Miss it! 

We had spring break in school. I spent mine in L.A and Port A! Best part was definitely Lakers vs. Boston!! SO FRIGGIN COOL! 

Celebrated Lidia's birthday and spent the Easter holidays at the river.

Got dolled up for prom! My day as a princess.

Spent Allie's birthday on the beach, played softball and went on our senior trip to the Bahamas.

Graduated and had to go back to Finland. Saddest day of my life!! 

Had the most emotional 24hours ever, had my amazing friends and family come pick me up at the airport! Cried there too... Haha

Summer 2012 could start... I spent it hanging out with my wonderful friends. The highlight of the summer was our trip to Rhodos. SO much fun in the sun.

School started, fall came... Basketball started for real and I found myself doing nothing but working out.  Got to know the new babies of the team (JUNNUT) and thought they were pretty amazing! And the old ones are like a family so I don't need to say anything else about them! 
I got elected to the student council and became the super geek, loner with no friends. Haha..

Had a lot of birthday parties later in the year, dressed up as a cowboy for Halloween, spent Christmas at home with my family and went to Sweden! 

This year has been amazing, I want to thank everyone who's been apart of it. Love y'all!! 
P.S. Sweden was great! I don't think I've ever been that tired of shopping. Lmao
Sorry for the long post! I just wanted to show what great friends I have and how blessed I am to have them! Thank you times a million for the past year! Let's make 2013 even better. 

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