Monday, January 7, 2013

I feel awesome! Haha. I thought this day was going to suck because everything went poorly at work... I accidentally exploded the whole dust bag from the vacuum cleaner in my face?! And I had my new black jeans on. I'm such a friggin genius sometimes.
Well school sucked, but I was so happy when I saw that I hadn't gotten a parking ticket even though I should've! Thank you times a million!! That made my day!

Practice was not a very efficient one, but I've missed my girls together and I was so happy and jittery. Afterwards I went to the gym with Sofie for some body combat and man that lady kicked us hard!! She's awesome. Now I'm exhausted,but super satisfied. I'm so proud of myself! I wanted to quit, but I didn't... And I can feel my body loving it!

This girl is a huge motivation for me! I watch this video when I feel lazy and I practically run to the gym after watching it... I wish I was that cool!!


Anonymous said...

Toi on ihan sairaanhyvässä kunnossa, mäki inspiroiduin ;) t.Asta

Ansku said...

Haha!! Jep! Oikeesti hullu! :)