Thursday, January 31, 2013

Please snow, just go and die

Okay, since I'm bored and I promised to put some effort in to this blog, I'll tell y'all 7 unique things about me. Do you feel the same about the word unique as I do? Jassi I know you do... I hate it. I can only think of Unique from Glee and I a dislike him/her. Super annoying. 
  1. Sometimes after practice I don't have the energy to get out of the car, so I'll just sit there for 20 minutes, looking through my facebook and instagram. 
  2. When I watch movies (especially horror ones), I start yelling at the characters in the movie to stop being stupid
  3. When I was little I used to get so angry if I lost to a game to anyone (I sort of still do..)
  4. I have the loudest hick-ups and it's super embarrassing
  5. I've always dreamt of becoming an airplane captain, but I can't because I'm practically blind
  6. I find something relaxing in doing the dishes
  7. I'm really superstitious, you know those letters where they tell you to send it to 10people or your wish won't come true, I hate them! Because I always have to send them. 
Since the weather is depressing I'm posting pictures that light up my day (when it isn't sunny enough here)

Summer 2011
Athens 2011
Aland 2008
Sweden 2007
Oh, and to add something.... I just realized my 94 born friends are leaving me on Monday. Beware, I am going to cry. What  the heck am I going to do without them? Oh who am I kidding, I'm crying writing this. Haha. And laughing at the same time bc I'm so lame.


Jassiii said...

We're higher then anyother! Ugh -.- hahaha well på lörda sku vi festa o remember all the good times :)

Anonymous said...

Toi eka!! Teen tota koko ajan treenien jälkee xD!

Ansku said...

Haha! Vahan hauskaa! En siis ehka ookkaan niin outo XD