Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Just live like there's no tomorrow

I got a comment where I was asked to tell a little about my year in Texas and how it has changed me since I've been back home, if I'm still friends with the same persons that I used to be before the year . How it feels when they're seniors, and I'm not, and how often I'm talking to the people back in TX.
Thank you for the comment! I love questions and I'll try to answer them as honestly as I can, either by making a post about it, or answering in the comment box. I felt as if this question was worthy of a post of its own. Watch out.... It's a long one :) 

Ok... sooooo where do I begin. I'm pretty sure this person wanted more personal stuff about TX and I have to start by saying that I was (am) very blessed to get to have such an amazing host family. They respected me as my own individual, but treated me as a family member, Allie and I taking it sometimes too literally...The year had its ups and downs, homesickness was the hardest part. I didn't really know how to deal with it and I kinda have some issues with opening up to people, so it was hard for my family and friends to help me at times because I didn't tell them what was going on. I mean the year isn't all rainbows and butterflies, it becomes your everyday life, routines, and all that same stuff you do at home. I grew up to become an independent young adult, and I'm so grateful to all the people that were involved in the progress during that year. I needed all the good and the bad to happen because it made the year real. And it made me learn so many new things about myself and I kinda like the person I am today. If something about this remained unclear, let me know!
Can't wait until the day I get to see these beautiful faces again! 
Returning home was even harder than leaving it in the first place... TX became my home, my room and the house I lived in was my safe haven and Finland felt foreign, something weird and abnormal. I was scared about what my friends would think of me and how different it would be. I cried a lot during those 24hours... Actually I really didn't stop. I cried when I left the SA airport and I cried when I landed in Helsinki. Seeing my family and my closest friends was something so amazing that I can't quite describe it.... Yet, I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that I wasn't going back to home #2 for awhile at least.

About the friend situation... I'm actually kinda glad that I went to USA, I learned who my true friends were. The ones that wanted to see me, had missed me and were actually interested in how my year had been. Some friends had stopped talking to me, which is fine. For me it was easier to not talk on Skype and stuff, but I was really sad realizing that these few people still weren't interested in hanging out with me, coming up with excuses to not hang out with me, even though we'd been really close before the year. SO thank you to all you wonderful, true friends, that I know I can trust with all my heart. The new ones included, BIG LOVE!! 
Thank god for basketball.... There it doesn't really matter as much who's a senior and who isn't. In school it's weirder. Now they're all gone, but I'm glad I've found some friends that have become really important to me in these past few months (Jessi & Juls especially <3). I'm just happy as long as my ABI's won't forget me. Haha!
Some of the friends I love most in my life
Hmmm... what else. I did change a little bit during the year. I'm not as moody and I try to be more of the glass is half full, than half empty - type of person. I don't over analyze as much (and I still do it a lot), and I've become a workout freak. Forever grateful for Al! The best workout buddy in the whole wide world. I talk a lot with my host mom and with some of my friends (Allie included). Mostly with mom though. Speaking of which, we should all Skype again soon! Lol

Btw.... Body pump killed me. I did too much I think. I'm aching everywhere! Haha, I pumped it up for sure. 


Jessica said...

Love youuuu <3<3

Anonymous said...

Ihana postaus!

Anonymous said...

Aiotko hakea kesätöitä? :)

Ansku said...

Love you too! :)
Voi kiitos, kiva et tykkasit! :)
Juu! Oon hakenu varmaan miljoonaan eri haha! Itseasiassa tiistaina on eka tyohaastattelu.