Friday, February 22, 2013

So I know I've written before that I'm going through some personal stuff, that's giving me a headache in life a little bit. With that, and all the other school stress, and the stress that comes with basketball, I've decided to not participate in the final exam in health education this spring. I've had too much to deal with to be able to focus in studying for the exam, so I talked to the principal and we decided that I wouldn't do it. I mean, I hate giving up, even though it really isn't giving up, since I'll just be doing it in the fall instead. I think that this really is the best for me right now, I don't want to completely go crazy because of all the stress and anxiety I'm feeling.
Otherwise, I feel like I really chose the right school to go to because the principal really made it clear for me that he didn't want me to feel any pressure about school, or think that they were pressuring me into doing too much.

Now I feel much more relaxed and I can feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. On Wednesday I went to this "fish spa"- thingy, where you put your feet in a tank and tiny little fish start eating all the dead stuff in your feet.... Kinda gross explained like that. I'm not really sure what it was supposed to do to my feet, but I don't think it helped at

Here's when I tried it out in Rhodes. I chose this picture rather than the one from Wednesday..... tantantan

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