Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunny Easter Sunday

I just tanned on the backyard. I mean I had a hoodie on and a blanket around my legs but my face was exposed to the sun and I actually fell asleep! SO nice. Haha, you get really tired after eating at the best brunch ever.... Food coma!
Now I'm gonna go for a run and then I'll have to start studying because I got invited to yet another "party". The Americans that played for our women's team are leaving on Tuesday and they asked me if I'd like to come and celebrate with them for one last time. How could I ever say no? Besides a lot of my other friends are going out tonight, so I might as well!


JasminLovely said...

You might not go, you will go!!

Ansku said...

Haha! Jeeeeez, OKOK! :)