Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Heeeey! Yesterday wasn't fun so that's the no blogging part. I felt really lazy and lousy and just went to sleep at 8.30pm. I really needed to sleep! Today I'm just gonna go to this new thing at the gym called piloxing? It's boxing and pilates mixed. Hopefully it's fun and makes me sore!

Sooooo, as I've told you I've been to a few job interviews and I'm keeping my fingers crossed of getting one of them, but the bad side of getting the job is that I won't be able to do anything else than work this summer. Which means me not being able to visit my family in TX. Boo!!
So I've decided that if I'll get the job I'll need to put some kind of goal (that I'll need to work for), and I've really thought a lot about running a half marathon in the end of July?? What do y'all think? Is it a good idea? I've already looked up this 10week workout schedule to prepare yourself for the run. I would have to start working out for it in like the middle of May. Weird, I would have never in a million years before even thought about running a half marathon. But anyways, it's just a thought, but I kinda wanna do it.  And the reason I decided to write about it and ask for y'alls opinion is that I'll get more motivated to do it and kinda have to now that I've written about it. Haha

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uuh sounds awesome! hu ser de dä träningsprogramme ut?:)