Saturday, April 20, 2013

19.4 aka. our Thanksgiving

Soooooo yesterday I ate the most delicious pizzas! Yummyyyyyy. We were a bunch a bunch of girls, we all brought a lot of different ingredients, and made some of the weirdest pizzas, but in the end they all tasted pretty good. And when we were planning this on facebook, we were all pretty thankful for pizza, so we decided to make this an annual thing - our very own Thanksgiving (to pizza). In Finland we don't celebrate Thanksgiving, that's why we thought we needed a day to be thankful.
Btw, I'm extremely thankful to have such amazing friends to share some amazing pizza. They're all sisters from other misters. ❤  (M are you happy now?)


Now I'm gonna drive my but to the gym for some body combat and then we're leaving for Joensuu! Wish us luck! 
P.S. I won't be blogging until maybe Sunday night. P.P.S. I'm also bringing my camera, but I doubt I'll be taking any pictures. 

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