Monday, April 29, 2013

6. Best compliment you've gotten vs. something not so nice someone has said of you

The best compliment I've ever gotten:Well I don't know if it is the absolutebest one I've ever gotten, but this one night when I was out with my teammates, a friend to one of my teammates just randomly told me how beautiful I was. It doesn't seem like much, but it really made me feel good about myself. Small things like that can lighten up someones night, so remember to give compliments!! Especially when you really mean them.

Something not so nice: Well I get that a lot. Jk, no I don't. Well I think all the most hurtful stuff I've been told has had something to do with my weight... That's the number one thing I've never liked about myself, and still have some issues with. So if someone really wants to hurt my feelings, they're probably going to nail it if they call me fat.
When I was younger I was way more confident. I remember punching a boy in our class when I was 7 because he said my overalls were ugly and made me look fat. If someone told me that today I'd probably start crying. Sometimes  I envy that 7year old me, not that I think punching people in the face is the right solution.

Today I had the most stressful day at work. I've really had anything to do with babies, like the ones that are about to crawl and today I had two of them!! One of them started crying which made another kid cry and it was an awful chain reaction that was almost impossible to stop, BUT I did it so I'm extremely proud of myself!!
Now I'm just waiting for Tiia to get her butt over here because we're going to watch a basketball game. I also need to bake two ham-pies for tomorrow's vappu festivities at school! Yay, vappu! Hopefully it won't rain too much, but I'm sure I'm going to have a lot fun. Oh for those who have no idea what vappu is, here's an explanation from wikipedia (I'm clever I know):
IFinland, Walpurgis day (Vappu) is one of the four biggest holidays along with Christmas Eve,New Year's Eve, and Midsummer (Juhannus). Walpurgis witnesses the biggest carnival-style festival held in the streets of Finland's towns and cities. The celebration, which begins on the evening of 30 April and continues to 1 May, typically centres on copious consumption of sima,sparkling wine and other alcoholic beverages. Student traditions, particularly those of the engineering students, are one of the main characteristics of Vappu. Since the end of the 19th century, this traditional upper-class feast has been appropriated by university students. Manylukio (university-preparatory high school) alumni (who are thus traditionally assumed to be university bound), wear a cap. One tradition is to drink sima, a home-made low-alcohol mead, along with freshly cooked funnel cakes.

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