Saturday, April 13, 2013

Crazy Days

Okay so first of all, every fall and spring Stockman (it's like Nordstrom's) has this huge sale called crazy days. The prices aren't really that low, but the people go absolutely insane when something is a bit cheaper. Anyway I don't usually buy anything from there, but last week when I checked what was the offers for Thursday I saw these really cute Nike's running pants and I needed another pair so I though why not.
So Thursday morning I woke up early and went there before it opened and the whole place was already crowded. I was certain they were all after something else but little did I know when they all ran to the same item I wanted and grabbed 5pair each to try on. Poor me ended up with an XL, but I wasn't going to give up so I waited 45minutes outside the changing room and asked every girl if they had an extra size M and finally this girl said she did!!!!!! So yay, I got my pants and decided that I'm never going there again.

P.S. I just booked a one week trip to Spain in May with Nelli!! 


Anonymous said...

tosi kivat noi housut, kuinka paljon maksoivat? :) ja kivat sukat myös, mistä ne on?

Ansku said...

Kiitos! 31,90e. Sukist en tiia ku ne ei oo mun haha!