Saturday, April 27, 2013

Day 4&5

I'm too tired to take any pictures of what I bought... Unfortunately we didn't find a dress for Sofie, but we did have a fun time!!

4. Best present received vs. worst present received
Hmm.... The best present I've ever received... Since I have gotten so many amazing presents I'll just pick the funniest one I've ever gotten which is the aquarium my American sissy got me for my last birthday! I actually kinda liked having fish. Especially since mine got to live in a pineapple (under the sea). 

The worst present I've ever gotten... Well this one is easy!!! I think I turned 7 or 8 and my brother gave me a present that was wrapped in paper..... Well inside the paper I found hair crunches. That would have been an OK present, IF it wouldn't have been two of my own crunches that he had found laying on the floor........ I mean there was still my hair on the crunches. Worst.present.ever. Haha. You can imagine how happy I was after I'd opened the present. 

5. Happiest memory vs. saddest memory
Top 5 happiest memories:
  1. When I landed at the airport in SA and got to meet my family #2(Also the most nervous memory I have) 
  2. At my going away party when Jasmin sang a song for me. It was Hurts - Stay. All in all that whole night was amazing.
  3. Having all my best friends sing me happy birthday on my 19th birthday... that was pretty special
  4. Standing up on a surf board and get to ride the wave!!!!!!!!!!! Probably my number one memory
  5. Winning AREA last year with my American dream team! 
Plus a million, million more!!!!!!!!! 

Top 2 saddest memories:
Just to keep this post happy and not sad!!
  1. When my Fammo (grandma) died when I was 10 I think?? She was my best friend and that was the first time I cried at a funeral and I've been to a few. A part of me was happy that she finally wasn't suffering anymore, but a part of me just didn't want to let her go. She was and is still one of the most special people influencing my life. I also think that was the first time I saw my dad and Faffa cry. 
  2. When I had to leave TX. I mean I don't think I've ever cried for that long..... I cried when I left, I cried the whole flight from SA to Dallas and almost the whole flight from Dallas to London... I also started crying when we were almost in Finland. I guess it was just me being scared that I would never go back and I guess a part of me still is scared. That year just meant a whole lot for me on so many levels that I only think other exchange students can relate to, if they can. 
I thought that was going to be harder, trying to pick which memories to chose, but they pretty much popped up in my head just like that. Tomorrow I'm going to visit one of my oldest friends, yay I'm so excited! I also need to read a stupid book and write some paper about it. So not excited about that. 

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