Sunday, April 7, 2013

Goodbye Spring

Haha. I mean last week was amazing weather wise sooooo it was pretty devastating when it started snowing this morning. Snow in April???? So sad, but that's Finland for y'all. Oh well, like my Dad always says to comfort me "the new snow kills the old".

Friday was so much fun, but I'll tell more about that when I've stolen some pics from fb, and when I'm actually on my laptop instead of my phone....
Today we had a game which we lost by 2 points :( after the game some of my teammates drove to Uusikaupunki to visit our other teammate Venla. She turned 16 yesterday and we had baked her a cute cake! Haha, hopefully she liked it.
Now I gotta study for my final test this testweek. So not excited. But SO EXCITED to have my best friend back in less then 5 days <3

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