Monday, April 15, 2013

I see you smiling at the unknown

First of all can I just say how exhausted I am..... From school, to studying math, to practice, to body combat. So tired! This week is going to be super busy. I have my math test on Wednesday and my first shift at Elixia!! So excited. Friday we have another one of our school's parties, the theme this time is Elementary disco. When we were younger we always had discos, where they sold popcorn and candy and you had competitions like limbo and slow dancing. Super fun! SOoooo we're going to relive those moments on Friday. I'm pretty excited.
This weekend I'll be going to a basketball game to Joensuu which is located 8h northeast from Turku. Our women's team is trying to get from the second division to the 1st. I'm not playing because of my stupid hand.... I mean practice went OK, but knowing me I'd probably mess it up on Sunday. Not that I'm scared of that, but I think it's better to just be there looking after my girls and cheering them on. In the end that is definitely what I'm best at!

BTW, i bought this really cute lipstick from Wiklund the other day from Isadora and I think the color is perfect! Sorry for the poor light, but it was raining outside and I didn't feel like being photographed out there. It's more coral than what the picture shows.

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