Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Not all days are succesful

You know what is so strange to me? Why some people are capable of doing the awful things they do. Like this bombing situation at the Boston marathon. I mean why??? They're innocent people trying to achieve their goals and dreams and aspire to be something good. Why would you set bombs at the finish line and see their happy faces turn into horror.
I read a story about a man who was waiting on his girlfriend to cross the finish line so that he could propose to her... she died before he was able to. There was even a picture of him laying on the ground hugging his dead girlfriend, and that was one of the saddest things I've seen in a long time.
That made me want to write about the incident. I just don't get why all the violence is so necessary. We're all humanbeings wheter or not we share the same nationality or skincolor. We all have our hopes and dreams and we all deserve to be able to make them come true. We should realize this before it's too late, and there is no world worth saving.
With that said I'm going to get it in my head how lucky I am to be healthy and alive to do the things I want to do, and how much I appreciate the fact that Finland isn't the number one place to bomb.
My thoughts and prayers go to Boston.

Sorry about the really depressing and sad post, I just needed to show my support in some way! And how I feel about all of that kind of crap. Whether it's a group of people or one person. Killing is just wrong.


jassi said...

Den dä storyn me den dä kvinnan o mannen som sku propose va fake, ja ha sett andra bilder va henne var hon lever. Int fö att de sku göra situationen nå bättre, lika hemskt e de ju ändå! Ganska dumt ändå att nån ha gått o skrivi nå påhitt bara fö att få typ likes, jätte disrespektfullt!

Ansku said...

Ööö! Vitsi va skit! Ja trodde helt på d o börja gråta efter att ja läst d! :(