Thursday, April 4, 2013

Yummy, yummy, yummy I got food in my tummy

Soooo I made the best lunch today. It's the easiest to make and it tastes so good! My friends always make it and so I've kinda started eating it (a lot) too. We call it fetapestopasta. Haha.

All you need is cherry tomatoes, chopped onions, pasta (whatever kind you prefer), feta cheese and pesto. You can use either green or red pesto, I chose the red kind for today.  You can add chicken or whatever you want, but I sticked to the vegetarian style.

What to do is that you start by boiling the pasta. When you've done that you just add the feta cheese and pesto and mix it all together. After that you just add the onions, garlic if you like it and the cherry tomatoes, and voilĂ ! Lunch/Dinner is served. Super easy and sooooooo delicious. Haha. 

Sorry for the ugly plate haha! All the other ones were in the dish washer. 

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