Tuesday, May 21, 2013

10 week half-marathon training

ATM I'm probably somewhere up in the clouds on my back to Finnyland. Hopefully I'll be dark as chocolate and happy as a mussel. As I said some months ago I've decided to challenge myself in a new way I would have never thought possible (for me I mean). I am going to run a half-marathon the 29th of July, in Turku. I'm super nervous because I used to HATE running. I've slowly started to like it, but I'm afraid I'll start hating it again. I'm still going to do this and not give up. Giving up is not an option, ever. 
So now, 10 weeks before the actual run I'm going to start working out for it. I don't want to not be able to finish the race, not that I care about the actual race. I just care about finishing it! 

CT: Cross-Train
Do 30 minutes. Pick an activity that elevates your heart rate, such as biking, swimming, power walking, or using the elliptical.
TT: Time Trial
Warm up for one mile, running at a very easy pace. Then time yourself at a comfortably fast pace (not all-out) for two miles. Note your time and try to beat it at your next time trial.
R&R Run: Rest & Recovery Run
Run three to four miles at an easy pace. Every fourth week will be for recovery--a rejuvenating time to scale back intensity.
INT: Intervals, 3.5 Miles
Run one mile easy, then for the next two miles, alternate either one minute of harder effort with one minute of easy recovery jogging or two minutes of harder effort with one minute of jogging. Cool down with half a mile at an easy pace.
T: Tempo Runs, 3–4 Miles
Get ready to pick up the pace (you can talk, but no more than a few words at a time) for a portion of your workout. Do one mile at your normal pace, then add the tempo somewhere in the middle. Finish at your normal pace.
1 mile = 1.609344 km       
5 miles = 8.04672 km

That is pretty much what my schedule will look like. 6 times a week?! I don't know how I'll survive. Haha. I'm excited though. I'll take some before and after pictures and we'll see what my body will look like after this crazy ride. LET's DO THIS! 

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