Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Get Lucky

I have absolutely nothing to do. I found out that some of the deadlines I thought I wouldn't have time to do other then this week (because of the trip) aren't until later!! SO YAY! And since we don't have school on Thursday I'll be able to do school work all day which means that I get to have a lazy day today. Tomorrow I have my doctor's appointment to have my annual MRI because of my shoulder..... It's been hurting a lot lately and I'm hoping that it doesn't mean that my tumor has grown back. Fingers crossed! But since the MRI takes a couple of hours usually (I always have to wait forever to get inside) I won't be able to make it to school. Which means that I only have 1 FRIGGIN school day left... Isn't that just crazy?
Now I'm going to take a nap and then I'm off to CXWORKS & Body Combat! Sayonara

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