Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Morning MRI

Just came home from the hospital. They told me I was an exemplary patient! Lol. Apparently all my pictures turned out perfect.... The only thing I hate about going there is that I never find the place, I'm always running around going from one floor to the other trying to find the place. Oh well.
Later on today I'm going to do something excitinggggg! I'll tell y'all about it later since I'm afraid it still might somehow not work out.
Btw I took some outfit pictures and the lightning was super weird and the pictures are a little bit blurry (and I have no make-up on), but since I've decided not to care what others think of me... here you go!

//Cardigan - Cubus//Jeans - American Eagle// Shirt - Target// Flats - Michael Kors//
PS. I'm sooooo tired haha

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