Sunday, June 9, 2013

After rain there's always sunshine

Yet another weekend's over... Yesterday I helped out at the bar I clean, a shift from 18-04, not the easiest. I know I haven't really had anything to write about and I've definitely sucked at adding pictures. It's just that honestly I don't think y'all want to read about my workday EVERYDAY. Besides I've gotten some bad news that have sorta kept me to myself and I know it's all going to be fine, but it's still scary.
I promise y'all I'll actually have something to write about this upcoming week, since I'm actually doing something haha. I've just been really tired and stressed and not feeling this whole blogging thing. 
I'm so looking forward to Saturday when we're going to Salo for a street basket tournament!! We've made shirts and everything. It's going to be awesome!! 

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