Saturday, June 1, 2013

Graduation day

I was up bright and early because (as an amazing best friend) I drove to Sofie's house at 7 to do her make-up because she was freaking out the night before.... What I wouldn't do for my friends! I think I did a pretty good job and I hope she was pleased. Afterwards I drove her to her hair appointment and went home to take a 1,5h nap. I'm about to go for a run and just slowly get myself ready for all the parties I'm going to today.  I can't believe the summer is here????? Next year I can officially, FINALLY call myself a senior!!! (ABI in Finland though)

Happy graduation day to all my wonderful friends here in Finland and in TX. I'm so proud of each and everyone and I can't wait to see those beautiful, smiling faces and see how happy they are about closing yet another chapter of their lives. Not to mention the amazingly, delicious food! I'm probably gonna resemble an balloon after tonight....... HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY Y'ALL!! 

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