Monday, July 1, 2013

One half-marathon later

When I woke up Saturday morning I can safely say that I've never been as nervous. My body was aching, I felt like I needed to throw up and I had no clue how I was going to run 21km. 
12.30 they fire the shot and the marathon begins. It feels like the whole Turku is there cheering us on and watching us. I was running alone and I'd been told that I should find someone that runs somewhat as fast as me... I started running side by side with this older lady and we continued our run together until the last spurt. The first 10km felt like a piece-of-cake. I was smiling and almost laughing because I actually loved running. 11,12,13km passed and my knees and hips started to feel the hard concrete and it got to be a bit harder, at 16km I was hurting pretty bad.. As soon as I got out from Ruissalo I knew there wasn't much left to run so I bit my lip and kept going. It helped when my dad and Ida's dad were there to cheer me on. It gave me the strength to run a little faster. When we finally reached the city I was feeling more energetic knowing that my cheerleaders weren't far away. When I saw the finish line on the other side of the river I knew I was almost there and I just had to run faster and even more faster! I left my stranger of a partner behind as I sprinted the last hundred meters and the feeling when I crossed the finish line was so amazing that I hope I'll never forget the feeling!! 
I do want to thank my running partner. Without her I probably wouldn't have finished with the time I did and maybe even stopped (not that I think I would have, the word quit doesn't belong in my vocabulary). 
I sorta loved and hated it at the same time and I know with enough practicw I might be able to run the whole 48km someday... Not next summer though! Haha. I'm definitely proud of myself and this is probably one of the craziest things I've decided to pursue and I'm glad I can check it from my bucket list. However I don't think it will be my last :)

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