Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Drivers ed.

I'm now one step closer of getting my permanent license. I just spent two hours driving with a total stranger that kept commenting on my driving skills. I know it's his job, but at times he made me feel like I shouldn't be out there driving. So at times I felt like crap, but at the end he did tell me that I was a good driver and that if I remembered about the things he'd commented about I'd be excellent. Tomorrow I need to wake up early for the second part which consists of some more theory and I have to drive on this slippery thingy - whatever you might call it? I'm too lazy to google it. My friend told me it's scary since you're doing it by yourself. so needless to say I'm a bit nervous. I know you can't really fail, but there's still that tiny hint of a doubt that's telling me I will be banned from driving..... haha.

Now I need to study and I'm going to finish that first book today and start on the second one! One month to finals. Let's do this!

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