Monday, August 19, 2013

Motivation Monday

The quote and workout is from // I suck at flexing... like really SUCK haha
Workout motivation - 100%
School motivation - 75%

I've heard people complain about them not being able to workout because they don't have a gym membership and not being able to get one. You know that you don't really need a membership (unless you want to lift weights and go to classes). Today for example I was supposed to go to the gym after school, but I ended up taking a nap and woke up too late.
See I hate working out with all the million others that rush to the gym after work and have to wait for the equipment.... so I just did a workout at home instead. You can find like zillion different ones on the internet, from youtube videos to specific ab- or butt workouts and almost all of them can be done with just your own bodyweight.
Some of my favorites are:

  • pop pilates on youtube
  • pinterest workouts that people pin (some of them are extremely tough) 
  • reading fitness blogs - they really know what they're talking about!! My favorite of those are probably Ida Wargminifitness. They talk about healthy food as well (always a plus) 

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