Monday, September 16, 2013

New Addiction

I read A LOT of blogs when I have nothing else to do - or pretend to not have anything to do. I mostly run out of blogs to read and get annoyed when the one's I read don't write posts fast enough. Lol.
Soooo, I started to look for new blogs to read, and I like to read the ones written in Finnish. I kinda miss writing mine in Finnish. As you may know I have another blog that I don't update anymore because it is about my exchange year and I wanted it to just be for that. One Less Lonely Star if you want to check it out. This one is more like a diary for my friends abroad to know what I'm up too, not that I know if anyone really reads mine or not, but the amount of readers is not the biggest thing for me...
Okay now I lost track of what I was actually talking about. Anyways, I'm completely hooked on maternity blogs?????! Young moms with their kids, talking about the ups and downs in their life. I just love them!! The kids are adorable and the mum's are funny, but I mean it's just so weird that I find them so entertaining.
Btw, just to make it clear!!! I don't have a baby fever, I'm single and perfectly happy with homework and finals as my biggest problem. Besides I get to look after babies and kids almost everyday at work, and it's definitely not always easy, so now babies for me in the near (or far) future. I just find these blogs extremely entertaining, and I guess that's just one of the weird things about me. Hope I didn't freak y'all out. I probably did? haha

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