Friday, October 25, 2013

what doesn't kill you makes you stronger

Or that's what I'm trying to tell myself at least... Haha,jk. This isn't nearly as awful as the first time since I actually manage to eat and sleep. I did however faint in the muddle of the corridor when trying to go home. I still can't believe they let me go after that. I'm so embarrassed! I hate fainting. I think it's because I start thinking about princesses and damsels in distress waiting for their stupid prince/love of their life to save them. Yeah, Mulan and The Lion King were always my favorites... The girls actually fought in those movies.
Anyways, the surgery went well from what the doctor was telling me. He was talking in that -I'm so smart with my hard medical words that I use to confuse my patients-, but it went well from what I understood. I hate being one-handed though. It's so annoyingly difficult. I can't put my hair up, I can't text or type properly and it's annoying trying to get up from the couch. I hate having to take pain killers like 6 times a day and I want nothing more then to take a shower, but that is the most difficult part of it all..... Seriously, I lift my imaginary hat to all of those who has lost a limb. I forgot how annoying it is.
Today I'm probably going to be bored, unless my parents let me go to Jassi's for a couple of hours for some girl time.

I'll add a cool picture of my scars soon. I'm looking all bad-a and whatnot. 

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