Saturday, November 9, 2013


It feels weird writing here again, I've missed it actually. For me blogging isn't just about showing what I do, wear and look like. It's also about talking about things that are important for me, stuff that's confusing and things I need to vent about. During this time off, I've had some things I've just wanted to open up about, but decided not too. 

My recovery after the surgery has gone well and I feel like I'm good to go already, except I'm not. My shoulder feels so good, that I assume I'm able to do more stuff, thenI actually should, so during my physiotherapy I found about the do's and don'ts. 
Anyways, because I'm not on my A-game I also haven't been able to exercise (which sucks BIG TIME) and I've had all this energy and nowhere to put it. This has lead to my insomnia. For the past two weeks I've gotten like 4hours of sleep every single day. Do you know how awful that is? Especially for a grumpy cat like me who can barely smile after 7 hours of sleep. I'm just kidding, but seriously, me, minus sleep, not a very good combination. My point was that yesterday I finally fell asleep at 22 and I couldn't be happier! I love being the one who falls asleep early because I hate waking up late!! So, hopefully my sleeping habits will get back to normal. 

Btw, I watched this documentary about this kid, Pekka Hyysalo, who had a skiing accident a couple of years back and he was severely injured. Today he can speak, walk and almost run and he's just such an amazing person. He's doing a very important job of showing people that never giving up isn't an option and that dwelling on the negative only gives you more heartache and that fighting back actually is worth all the pain. 
I wish there would more people like this, and that we all should aspire to be more like him. I mean things could be so much worse. Just look at him, thinking that he would never be the same again, not being able to walk or ski or anything like that, to being able to do that all. It might not have come easy, but it has definitely been worth it. For me it's definitely a HUGE inspiration and it makes me want to stop whining about the little things that might be wrong, and focus on the bigger picture. Every grey cloud has a silver lining and everything happens for a reason.

So here I am again. I'll try to blog as often as possible, but knowing that the test week is coming up and I haven't been the most efficient in school this period (I have a lot of work to do), might take the time from blogging. Christmas is also coming up and I have a lot of presents to buy, I mean I have to have them before I leave to Florida.... 
32 days left???? That's just crazy

Here's the link to the documentary btw, it only takes 15minutes and it's in English, so check it out! 

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