Monday, November 18, 2013

Mondays aren't always that bad

I love and hate how these days just fly by. I love it because that means that I'll get to go away for a while in twenty-something days, but I hate it because it means that after I get back, I'll have to start stressing about things again. I signed up for two internet classes, and one of them is this government class that's supposed to help me for finals and it freaks me out, knowing that the end of yet another chapter in my life is coming. Not that it matters because that just means that something new will come along!

Things to look forward too:

  1. Catching Fire is coming to the movies this week!!! (geek alert)
  2. I love how it's going to be Christmas soon (I get to wear my ugly (cute) Christmas sweater)
  3. I actually can't wait for it to start snowing again
  4. the fact that I only have 2 exams this upcoming test week… One on Wednesday and one next Wednesday, meaning I'll have a week off from school (meaning I'll have no excuses to do poorly at exams

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