Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend spent in bed


I've literally been laying on the couch all weekend, whispering when trying to speak and just sneezing my brains out. Haha! And the best part is that my family just find my unbelievably raspy voice hilarious. I did drag my butt to the movies on Saturday. I had promised Jessica and I didn't want to let her down. I wore an one-piece, looking like a hobo. I loved it however, so I might have to start wearing that every time! So much more comfortable. We saw a finnish movie called Ainoat Oikeat (in English it's the the only ones whom are right for you, or something like that) 
I also ended up watching Frozen on Sunday since Jassi told me that it's as good as Tangled. I liked it, but it was hardly a match for Tangled. I mean that movie's just awesome. (Btw, I'm soon to be turning twenty and one of my favorite movies is Tangled?? Somethings just disturbingly wrong about me) 

Anyways, now I have a bunch of homework to do, not to mention that I need to open my government books and study for finals. I keep getting letters for different universities and I'm slowly starting to freak out and feel my anxiety getting more prominent. (just remember to breathe…) 

Anyways I'll be posting more frequently now. I promise! I also decided to move my photograph challenge for next month instead. I'm too lazy to do it now when it's already the thirteenth. Sorry.

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