Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday, 6th of February

1 day to my first final exam
1 day to our dinner with the teacher's of our school
1 week to our LAST OFFICIAL DAY OF SCHOOL (amped much?) 

Seriously I have so much to read, so much to stress about, but right now I just feel agitated, but not really stressed. I mean I know I can't really do that much for tomorrow, since I won't know the topics I'm going to write about before hand, I know I can try to prep and study as many Swedish grammar rules as possible, but I think that it would just freak me out even more. My plan is to read my pre exam essay and look at the mistakes I made and read some information about the test from my book before I go to bed. Then tomorrow when I wake up I'm going for a walk to let my brain get some fresh air and then make my lunch, and maybe (MAYBE) study some synonyms and difficult words to hopefully impress the student board. Do the best you can, that's all you can ask yourself. 
Good luck to all y'all ABI's around Finland!

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