Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Just game home from the movies with my three J's. We went and saw as the title states, the new movie called Divergent. It was awesome!!! Hunger Games-ish, but better in a way. I haven't read the book which made it different, but now I kinda want too… I have to say. I hate sappy, romantic stuff. Especially when a hot guy wants to make out with you, but you're just being weird. I mean, seriously? Don't be all "I love you so much", just kiss him.
I also HATE it when guys say "come here" in that sultry, sexy way.. I think it's extremely lame. A guy should just grab the girl and hug her, not tell her. Boys are dumb, even in movies unfortunately.
On another note, Finland really is the worst at translating a movie title into Finnish… From Divergent to Outolintu which means a weird bird in English? Even more dumb than boys in movies. Maybe that should become my new career choice when law school doesn't pay off….? Translating movies and TV-series from titles to subtitles.

Anyways, here's the trailer (which kinda makes me want to go and see it again):

P.S. Where are the guys that look like that hiding here in Finland? I mean do they really even exist or is it just photoshop? Because I've been to the States and I haven't seen them there either… 

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