Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Do they exist? 

I don't know why, but this topic came across a couple of times during the weekend. It's something with a group of girls, a couple of drinks and a good time that always causes us to open up about the more deep, meaningful things, you don't normally talk about. Like is there really just one person for everyone?
Personally this is one thing I'm going to be pessimistic about for probably a long time, even though I am getting better at the optimistic side of life. I actually think that the glass is half full these days, instead of empty, and that is definitely an improvement for someone like me. 
However, one soulmate, one true love for each person isn't something I'm a believer of. It just makes finding that one seem impossible, because really? What are the odds that that one true love or whatever would be in your country? 

I believe that there are more than one soulmate for each person. I don't even think that a soulmate necessarily means someone you're going to fall in love with. I believe that they can be person that understands you completely, and even if they don't they accept you without questions asked. A soulmate is someone who has the same soul, who feels like your family, even though you might not be one by blood. 
One soulmate per person would be just too absurd. I mean I could have met him already? In a club, at the grocery store, sitting next to him on an airplane, talking to someone random on the street? I mean you just never know and it might make me a pessimistic person with no hopes or dreams, but for me it just means that I'm realistic. Besides if my hopes and dreams would all be about finding the perfect match for me, then I wouldn't be me. I would be some hopeless romantic dreaming about a knight in shining armor, picking me up with his white horse. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that. I have friends that are hopeless romantics and I find it charming. I'm just not that person.

This post is probably one of the most random ones. It's just that I happened to come across the topic both this weekend and in an article, and it made me think and when I think too much my brain gets clogged and I need to get it out in the open for it to even start to make sense in my head. This time it really didn't help? I still feel like my brain makes no sense. What do y'all think? Was this a weird thing to be talking about? Have y'all got any thoughts about it? 

To all the girls freaking about their soul mates. Chill out. You're young, you have your life ahead of you. Have some fun, make memories, worry about nothing (or at least don't worry about guys), smile a lot and most importantly, learn to love yourself first! I'm in the process of trying to do just that, and let me just say. If you ain't happy with what you got for yourself, how would you be able to be happy for someone else? 

Jeez, what a novel. If you got to
the end, I'm applauding you!! You were most likely the only one. Haha! Now I'm off for a run with my daddy-o! Peace out 

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