Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ayia Napa part 1

Warning. This post contains  A LOT of pictures, so for those who think photo bombs are stupid, well too bad, I'm doing it anyways.  Also don't take the pictures too seriously. Mostly we're just having a laugh.

Day 1: 

Beach day #1:

1st of May picnic Cyprus style:

I don't know what I should specifically tell y'all other than we pretty much just sunbathed every day, either at the pool or at the beach. I read 5 books and fell in love with the book The fault in our stars. We danced all night long and came home at 5AM at the earliest. 
I was sick the first couple of days, so my diet pretty much consisted of coco pops. I also got stuck by a bee and accidentally went topless on the beach for trying to get rid of the bee… Haha 
Part 2 will be up soon enough and a post about our adventure with a thing called the flyfish. 

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