Thursday, May 15, 2014

I'm gonna fly like a bird through the night, feel my tears as they dry

So.beyond.tired. I'm like exhausted all the time. Sleep, or no sleep. I feel like sleeping. It feels good though, to actually have something to occupy myself with. I like my job, it's easy without being too breezy. The gym is probably one of my favorite places, so why not work there.
I went to get my graduation cap today. It looks absolutely ridiculous. It might have something to do with the way my hair was like a bird's nest. I got all giddy inside thinking about finally being able to graduate. Finally saying goodbye to high school. I probably won't be going to a school next fall, but who cares. I'm young. I'll have time to do that.
My dress arrived the other day. I disliked it a lot, while everyone else I keep showing it too, loves it. I always pictured myself in a white dress, but now I just don't want too. I feel like my idea isn't mine anymore and I'm one in a million doing the same thing, and I just don't want too... I want to feel special and look special. So the dress is staying in my closet as option number 2, as a plan B, so to speak.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a better option. Uhg, I hate dress shopping. Actually I kinda dislike shopping all together. I only like it when I'm not really looking for something and I get to walk slowly, looking through items alone and trying them on in my own pace.

While taking pictures I noticed that the cap had some stains that looked like foundation and since I wore absolutely zero make-up today it must have been the lady that was helping me find the right size. Ugh, means I'll have to go back tomorrow and switch to a clean one.. Yes, I'm obsessive like that. I want my cap nice and white, not yellow/brown like my mom's after people poured beer on her one year. Don't ask me why, sometimes she's kinda crazy.

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Miksu said...

Grattis! Nu får du också ha mössan på alltid på vappen :)