Thursday, January 15, 2015

Penguin Island

Today Sue took me to the Penguin Islands, which is an island with penguins and sealions galore. The penguins might not have been big, but they were so cute!

Usually the sealions like to sleep closely to each other, but this one had decided that it wanted to be photographed all day long.

These penguins are the smallest ones of their species and the shyest. The oldest was called Louie and he was 31 years old, and while the other ones did dives and caught fish in the pool, he just floated around like he didn't have a care in the world.

The island in itself was incredible, with clear turquoise water! A lot of people were snorkelling around the island, but apparently there wasn't that much to see...

This was probably the coolest part of the whole trip!!! I've never seen dolphins in the wild, and we saw a whole pack of them. So cool!!


All in all the trip was a great success as you can see in the picture below. I didn't care to look pretty so I'm sorry for the facial expression haha! Also it looks like I'm super pale.... Time to bring out the big guns (tanning oil).

Otherwise Perth is awesome!! I've pretty much stayed at Sue's and only go to the hostel to change my clothes, but since the price for one night is like 15$ I honestly don't care. Besides Sue's bed is so much more comfortable and the shower is perfect.
Tomorrow we'll either hit the beach or go to the market and in the evening we're going to her friends homecoming party, so fun times!


RockinghamWildEncounters said...

Hello Anna Lota!

Thank you for visiting Penguin Island - it seems like you had a fantastic time! Love you blog :)

Rockingham Wild Encounters

Anonymous said...

Siistin näköstä! Minkähintasia on hostellit muuten ollu? Onko Australiassa millanen hintataso? Kiitti!