Thursday, June 28, 2012

Single and fabulous (question mark)

I'm questioning myself and thinking that there might be something wrong with me when even my grand father thinks I need a boyfriend. Yesterday at his 80th birthday he tried to fix me up with one of the guests (the guy was 21 - not an old man, as my friends thought when I told them).... He told everyone at the party that he thought we would have so much in common and that we would get along perfectly. I don't know if he intended it to sound as if we should start dating, but it kinda sounded like it. Silly, old man! He made me happy though, seeing him laugh and dance like the young 30 year old in him. The party didn't exactly top my list of best parties, but I was happy to see him so happy!

some other black&white pictures I wanted to share with y'all

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