Saturday, June 30, 2012

Yesterday's roadtrip

Finally turning 18 means getting the opportunity to drive in Finland... A couple of my friends had free tickets to Sarkanniemi, an amusement park in Tampere (2 hours from home) so we decided to drive up there and have some fun. Our plan was to take my mom's car, but that plan backfired when my mom's car broke down after 20 minutes of driving..... it's an old crap and secretly I was happy, I've been complaining about having to drive that car (when I FINALLY get my license).

Well my dad came to our rescue, took us home and we changed to Julia's car and tried to get all the way to Tampere this time! We did!! I must say that I think I'm getting old. I used to go through all of those roller coasters 500 times, but now I could only go once without feeling sick (and I still did).  Oh, the odds were not with us because a bird decided to crap on Jasmin and me. Wrong day to wear blue pants.

I stole some of the pics from my Jasmin, thank you ;)

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