Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I would like to describe myself as delightfully difficult

First day of real classes..... We started immediately and in English I'm taking this class where we prep for the final exam in March. Oh and lucky me.... We have this website for students where we put in all of the classes we choose and of course mine would not work with the teacher's!! All of the classes I've chosen are not found on my teacher's lists, but it worked out! Thank goodness! Now I just need to find my report card from the TX and I will get some credit, yaaaaay!! Made my day!

At the moment I'm doing my homework and studying for my written exam for my driver's license. It's not going very good... My concentration is at a zero (thanks to you Facebook)!

Hhahahahaah! FYI, found this hilarious picture on Julle's Facebook! Compare our face expressions! Her face is the true face of fear and mine is the face of happiness! Lol

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