Monday, August 13, 2012


I just had one of the best weeks in Greece with the best company! I tanned and tanned and tanned and swam and played in the water and laughed. Thank you so much Julia, Jasmin & Johanna for going with me and making the week special!

We spent nearly every day at the beach, getting lost in the waves, losing our sunglasses, burning our noses and drinking a ton of water! We ate greek food and slept way too little (4 hours a night)! I managed to get sick and we had no air-conditioning at our hotel. We learned that you could easily just manage with Swedish in Greece and that there are a lot of people unaware of Swedish speaking Finns.

I shopped a little (very little) and took so many pictures! Can't believe the week's over and tomorrow I'm going back to school. SCHOOL?! What am I gonna do. Btw, went to the hairdresser today and did something crazy! I'll show y'all tomorrow! Here are some of the thousands of pictures we took..

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