Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ready, Set, GO

I've had like a million people asking me what's up with all the traveling and why I can't stay in Finland. I'm a person who wants to see the world. I've spent 17 years of my life in Finland (I count one of my years as being spent in TX) and there are so many other places to visit!
I want to go to Venice and eat as much pasta as I possibly can, climb up the Eiffel tower, float in the dead sea, bungy jump in New Zealand, Surf in Australia, climb a mountain in Norway, see the Amazon in Brazil, have my breath taken away at the Grand Canyon, play on a slot machine in Las Vegas, go on a Safari in Africa.... and much, much, more!! And yes dad if you read this I know it's not cheap, and no I haven't asked you to pay for it! Haha. 

I'm an explorer, every place in this world has its ups and downs.. I know I'm extremely lucky to have two families that have shown me more than I could've ever asked for! The last time I was in Greece was when I was 5, it was the first time I ever went anywhere "far". I'm excited about going there again, it's going to be on a different island though.
Just 3 more days and I'm on an airplane again, with two of my best friends!

Maybe this will open some of y'alls eyes and maybe you'll just stop asking why I don't want to stay in Finland all the time? 
P.S. Today is like the first sunny day in like FOREVER..... (that's a reason enough to travel) 

Can you guess where these pictures are taken? 


Loriann said...

Well said!! I feel the same way!

Terhi said...

Babe it`s the third time in Greece... Kos when you were 5 and Athens last year with the team... =D