Monday, September 10, 2012

Good morning and Good night

Guess what? I wake up, like I always do on a monday morning, at 6.30am and realize an hour later that I need to get the car from my job and I'm late.
See the problem is not driving to school (it takes like 15min), but that all the parking spaces are gone at like 7.30, soooo I run to my job and get the car and while I'm driving, the guy on the radio starts talking about how all the seniors in Finland are starting their finals... and I'm like "CRAP" bc at that moment I remember that I'm not starting school until 9.30. I'm such a moron.

Yesterday Ella, Julia, Sofie and I went and saw Magic Mike (Oh I know, Finland is late). I mean I get it... Hot guys dancing (stripping), but there was no plot whatsoever. And what was up with the ending??! Lame. At least looking at Channing Tatum never fails! (that jaw of his.....)

Wishing my friends good luck with their finals! This is the time when I love not being a senior.

I think I might watch step up tonight....

or She's the man, but no matter what....

Haha, we all wish. 

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